4 reasons why you might not be losing weight !


This happens to all of us at some point in time. We do our exercises and follow a diet regime, but still not losing that stubborn fat? Well, we all have a blame game to play here and we try to associate the reason of weight gain to either our genes or work stress. There are other reasons to it as well.


Yes genes play a part in the heritability of body fat mass and percentage. However this contributing factor is estimated at around 50% of total body fat percentage. So our parents are only partly to blame for our size while the other half is within our control.


In the past we were paid for providing manual labor whereas now we pay to do manual work (gym). The reason is clear “urbanization” which has made our lifestyle sedentary. There is every possible means to avoid physical activity such as cars, elevators, travellators, escalators, vacuum cleaners, washing machine and many more which make our lives easy but on the cost of our body. Nobody is against urbanization; we all like a little help. But we must try to look for situations where we can walk, do household work when we can so that the machinery of our body does not rust.
Food habits have changed big time from cooking at home and eating healthy to eating junk. Food is so easily available everywhere that it’s hard to avoid because of fast food outlets, take away outlets, 24 hour convenience stores, food courts and home delivery services.

Body physiology

For our cells to function optimally, our body tends to control its temperature, electrolyte level, degree of hydration and also body weight. In ancient times, it used to be high levels of physical activity to survive regardless of food availability and there were period of both excess and scarcity. Thus the body developed physiological mechanism to store reserves from period of excess and use them reasonably in period of scarcity.That’s why the body has an inherent tendency to store more and shed less.

Medical causes

In many cases even after following a healthy diet and regular exercise regime, people keep gaining weight. This might ring an alarm that there is some kind of underlying medical condition which is resulting in weight gain. Some of the medical conditions which are associated with weight gain are Hypothyroidism, Cushing’s disease, and Genetic disorders such as Bardet-Beidl, Prader- willi, Cohen and Alstrom syndromes.
Even consumption of certain drugs can lead to weight gain, for example, oral contraceptives and antipsychotics.
So it’s always better to consult a doctor and do a health screening if you suspect any of the above.


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