Rehab Mantra is an exciting new concept initiated by Shiv Mohan Banka, who is an experienced Sports and Manual Physiotherapist in Singapore. Being an expert in his field, Shiv firmly believes in his vision and mission with respect to Rehab Mantra:


To provide the best platform to all the Allied Health Experts such as Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy. The simple idea is to share and spread knowledge.


Allied health therapies are necessities like medicine and surgery. They are self directed and fully competent practitioners. These professions follow evidence based practice and internationally recognized body of knowledge to maintain, restore & prevent optimal physical, psychological, sensory, cognitive, social and cultural function. ”

Unfortunately majority of the population is unaware and lack appropriate knowledge, understanding and meaning of these professionals. They are missing on the vital role of these skilled professionals in their overall well being. This is where we step in and bridge the gap. Mission of Shiv Mohan Banka, as a founder and director of Rehab Mantra is to bestow all his expertise and experience and offer something meaningful to the people, taking them towards a healthier and fitter future.