Ankle Mobility – Significance in Injury Prevention

Factors leading to reduced ankle mobility

  • Poor calf flexibility
  • History of ankle sprain
  • High heels – keeps the foot in plantar flexed position
  • Joint stiffness/degeneration
  • Poor postural habits

Get it checked by a professional to determine factors leading to limited ankle joint range and solution for the same.

Improving ankle mobility

1). Ankle joint mobilization

  • Get into a half kneeling position with the targeted ankle in front as the lead leg.
  • Keep the knee pointing towards the second toe and not allowing the foot to roll in or out.
  • Drive the knee over the foot. Keep repeating this movement by trying to go a bit more every time.
  • If there is pain in front of the ankle at the end of range, stop and return to the starting position.


  • In the same drill one can also use a belt to further mobilize the ankle joint

Mobilization with Movement


2). Foam rolling on calf – Click here 

3). Calf Stretches


Calf – Gastrocnemius Stretch



Calf – Soleus Stretch

Rehab Mantra
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  1. Jane Johnson says:

    Thank you for such a clear description of the importance of ankle mobility. I have treated hundreds of patients with ankle problems, ranging from post-sprain stiffness, stiffness due to immobilization in casts and braces, and stiffness due to muscle imbalance, and couldn’t agree more.


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