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Static and Dynamic stretches

Static and Dynamic stretches In our previous article we discussed the importance of stretching. However, there were few benefits which didn’t complement  each other. The reason is different types of stretching techniques. Stretching in a specific way will provide you slightly different results compared to other stretching techniques. The two most popular techniques are static and […]

Stretching – Your body needs it!!

Stretching Stretching has always been an important part of an exercise routine. However, it is also a greatly ignored part of an exercise/lifestyle routine. Reason can wary from it being boring, painful, unfitting, time consuming, worthless and many more. People can give you plenty of reasons to avoid stretching and jump straight to their preferred […]

Piriformis Syndrome – Pain in the butt

Piriformis Syndrome Pain in the butt is a commonly used idiom, but it actually can be a real pain to many as piriformis syndrome. It is commonly seen in people who spend long hours sitting, such as desk bound jobs, long distance driving or riding a motor bike. Many long distance runners, cyclists, and skiers […]

ITB Tightness – A runner’s nightmare

ITB tightness – A runner’s nightmare ITB (Illiotibial Band) related conditions are commonly seen in endurance sports. Running, cycling, hiking are some such sports where an individual is highly prone to ITB related injuries. ITB tightness cannot be ignored, as it can lead to many injuries which can affect one’s performance. Quite often it’s not […]

Standing Posture – Mistakes & Correction Tips

Standing Posture – Common Mistakes & Correction Techniques In the previous article we discussed how we can correct sitting posture and minimize side effects of prolonged sitting. This article will focus on maintaining a neutral standing posture. Majority of people stand less compared to sitting. Regardless of that it’s important to practice it correctly. There […]

Shoulder exercise – Let’s do it right

 Dumbbell shoulder press Dumbbell press is one of the pushing exercises to train those big shoulder muscles. It is a great functional exercise for upper body. However, it is one of the most common exercise to develop upper body issues if done incorrectly. To get that right technique and avoid injuries, it’s important to understand […]

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