Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Painful Wrist & Hand

Treatment options for Carpal tunnel Syndrome

It is important to get CTS diagnosed at early stage of symptom onset. This ensures better recovery and no permanent damage to the nerve. Treatment is decided based on the severity of symptoms, underlying factors and patient’s goals.

  • Conservative treatment
  • Medication – anti-inflammatory, diuretics
  • Injection therapy – corticosteroid
  • Surgical option – Carpal tunnel Release

Conservative treatment – Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy

**Depends upon severity of symptoms and contributing factors. Consult your therapist before starting any exercise **

  • Splinting – to maintain wrist in neutral position and reducing irritation of the median nerve
  • Activity modification
  • Ergonomic advice/posture correction
  • Strengthening of the affected muscles using a stress ball
  • Soft tissue massage to reduce tightness of forearm muscles
  • Icepack – If inflammation is present
  • Neural Mobilization – Flushing/gliding technique (Fig. 2 & 3) – progressing to nerve stretches (fig. 4)
  • Joint mobilization – If joint stiffness is present
  • Wrist mobility exercises
  • Forearm stretches – for prevention and reducing muscle tightness – Click here

Fig. 2 – Avoiding wrist movement because of severity of symptoms. Using elbow and shoulder component to mobilize the median nerve


Fig. 3 – median nerve flushing involving wrist movement, when symptoms allow


Fig. 4 – median nerve stretch position

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  1. Greg Mirt says:

    Strech the flexors on your brachium and extensor as weel. Like flexor radialis longus, flexor ulnaris longus, extensor radialis longus et brevis and extensor ulnaris. The ultimate strech is if you abduct the arm into 90 degrees,supinate the arm and pull it back. Do not extend the neck while doing the technique.


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