Experiencing flow during physiotherapy…

3. Be a catalyst for their success

As much as we want to believe that our work is about us, it’s really about the person who is experiencing the pain i.e. the patients. As much as we want to feel successful and praised for our good work, it’s really more about patients’ feeling successful and being rewarded for the ‘work’ they are doing to get better. Creating flow for your patients means finding as many positive changes in the patients as you can and emphasise on those positive improvements as rehabilitation progress. Focusing on their progress and their active participation for the positive changes in their daily life. Equipping them with sufficient know-why and know-how helps in creating flow during their rehabilitation process. Create conditions whereby they experience success, this involves teaching exercises which they can perform well enough but still challenges them, never sending them home with exercises which they fail miserably or reproduce their pain when it’s not supposed to. Ideally they look forward to doing those exercises, as it relieves their pain or make them feel more in control of their situation. Matching the exercise difficulty to their ability and tweaking it to make it possible yet challenging for patients sets the stage for flow.

There are probably a lot more strategies to create flow during physiotherapy rehabilitation. Do you think flow is important as part of your rehabilitation plan? If so, what other strategies do you use? Do share your thoughts.

Rehab Mantra
Stay Fit. Love Life


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