Foam Roller – A friend worth having

Areas to be targeted

As mentioned earlier, areas prone to tightness differ from person to person depending on the activities they are involved in.

Muscles that you can target with a foam roller are Illiotibial Band (ITB), Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Inner thigh (adductor muscles), Gluteal, Calf (Gastrocnemius and soleus), peroneals, Tibialis anterior (shin Muscle), Upper back and latissimus dorsi.

Areas not to roll on – lower back and neck. For these areas we use a trigger ball or tennis ball.

Pictures below demonstrate how to roll some of the major muscle groups.

1 fr

ITB (Illio Tibial Band) technique 1 for beginners


2 fr

ITB Technique 2 – To increase pressure



Calf Muscles




Hamstring Muscles



Quadriceps Muscles



Upper back



If you are unsure of any area and technique, consult your physiotherapist or sports trainer before performing it.

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