Can you do a full squat?

Here are 3 things you can do to assume a full squat and in doing so, keep your legs and bowels happy and healthy!

1. Rock and Roll

This great move comes from the creators of Original Strength. The first part of the move is to rock. Assume a crawling position like a baby, rock your hips back to your heels while keeping your head up and hands firmly on the floor. The second part of the move is to roll your weight off from your hands to your feet, keeping your feet and knees fairly wide apart and reaching your arms forward, typically helps you roll to a full squatting position. Here is a YouTube link to their fabulous move.

2. Squat, yes, squat

So in order to be able to squat, you will have to practice squatting. However if squatting fully results in you falling back on your bum then you will do better by placing flat objects (ie books about 1inch thick) beneath your heels as you practice squatting. This effectively shifts your body’s centre of gravity forwards, preventing your tight hips and calf muscles from tipping your body backwards. Add thicker objects should you still feel that you are falling backwards while squatting.

Once you can assume a full squat, even though your heels are raised by objects, practice going in and out of the squat repeatedly. Watch that only the muscles of your legs, including your buttocks, thighs and maybe even your abdominal muscles are aching and NOT your joints. If you can do that well with muscle soreness the next day, congratulations! You have done an effective body weight full squat which is a quick and effective way to strengthen your legs without going to the gym.

3. Do a ‘seated squat’

Since sitting toilets are here to stay and getting to a full squat is going to take awhile. You probably need a quick fix solution to this pressing problem. The solution is to do a seated squat. Simply get a high footstool, I recommend the one from Ikea. Use that to prop your feet up and lean your trunk forwards. This tightens the abdominal muscles, relaxes the pelvic floor muscles which in turn effectively opens the anal sphincter. Hey presto, mission accomplished! Here is a video which explains it so well. Caution: do not eat ice cream while watching the video.

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