ITB Tightness – A runner’s nightmare

Factors leading to excessive loading on Illiotibial Band

ITB tightness

  • Pelvic drop because of weak Gluteal muscles
  • Tight TFL (Tensor Fascia lata), quadriceps and glutes
  • Excessive foot pronation (inward rolling/flattening )leading to knee internal rotation
  • Weak quadriceps and hamstrings
  • Weak core
  • Excessive knee flexion(bending) at heel strike
  • Heavy landing during running
  • Inappropriate hamstring – quadriceps strength ratio (weak hamstrings)

  • Incorrect running shoes
  • Excessive uphill and downhill running
  • Sudden Increase in intensity and frequency of training
  • Inappropriate sporting technique
  • Incorrect bike fit
  • Lack of proper warm-up and cool down
  • Insufficient recovery of muscles after physical activity

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