ITB Tightness – A runner’s nightmare

Prevention and treatment

  • Icing over inflamed areas
  • Limiting/modifying participation in physical activity
  • Cross training (swimming, elliptical, pool running)
  • Stretching of ITB (fig 1) and related structures
  • Regular use of foam roller – Click here to learn foam rolling on Illiotibial Band and other muscles
  • Correcting muscle imbalance by stretching and strengthening

  • Correct running shoes to stabilize the foot
  • Running gait analysis to improve running economy and technique
  • Custom Bike fit specific to individual needs
  • Sports Massage to reduce ITB and other muscles tightness
  • Proper strengthening and conditioning routine
  • Custom orthotics if required
  • Good warm up and cool down

Fig 1 – ITB stretch

Rehab Mantra
Stay Fit. Love Life


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