Knee pain in adolescents – Is it because of SLJ Syndrome?


Sinding Larsen Johansson Syndrome

Sinding Larsen Johansson Syndrome is a condition causing knee pain in early adolescent (10-15years) age group. It is often seen in active individuals involved in high impact sporting activities which involve repetitive jumping or running. Basketball, volleyball and track and field are common examples but it can also be seen in sports like squash, tennis, gymnastics and soccer.

Excessive and repetitive stress on knee leads to irritation and inflammation of the growth plate of the patella (knee cap).  The growth plate which is present at the inferior pole of the patella is attached to the patella tendon. The other end of the patella tendon is attached to the shin bone. Increase in traction forces of the patellar tendon on the growth plate leads to its inflammation. Symptoms include pain, swelling and tenderness at the bottom of the knee cap (patella). Pain increases with activities like running, jumping, kneeling, squatting and even climbing up and down the stairs.

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