Knee Pain – Patello Femoral Pain Syndrome

Treatment options:

Get a proper diagnosis done by a physiotherapist or orthopedic

Know what are the contributing factors specific to your problem and start working on them

  • Joint mobilization
  • Soft tissue release and stretching exercises specially ITB (Fig. 1) and quadriceps


  • Gluteal and quadriceps muscle strengthening exercises
  • Running/walking/stairs technique correction
  • Video Gait Analysis (VGA) to get running pattern checked in detail
  • Taping
  • Getting your footwear checked (PIC) – Running Shoe Buying guide
  • Orthotics if required
  • Foam Rolling (example –  Fig. 2) – Click here to see more techniques
    1 fr

    Fig. 2 – ITB foam rolling technique for beginner


    2 fr

    ITB foam rolling technique to increase pressure

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