Let’s do it right – 5 essential exercise tips


Sequencing of exercises

To make it simple let’s divide the body in 3 parts – upper body, lower body and core (abdominal area).

Everyone has its routine and preference when it comes to strengthening exercises. Some prefer to target only 1 part in a session, for example, upper body but some target more than 1 part of the body. In this case sequencing is important. Core should always be done at the last of your workout, as core provides stability and strength to carry out activities. If we do core exercises first, we will have less control and stability over other movements, which may lead to injury or inefficient workout.

Among upper body and lower body exercises, lower body should be targeted first in the exercise routine. Tired or fatigued legs will not provide a stable base for upper body workout.

Stable lumbopelvic area

Lumbopelvic area refers to your abdominal and hip area. In every exercise activity, one should always maintain a stable lumbopelvic area to prevent injuries and to have a correct form during exercise.

Exercise technique

We always talk about techniques and forms of exercise while working out but we still lack in this area because of different advises, self-preference or muscle compensation. So in the upcoming articles we will discuss some of the commonly done exercises, for example lunges, squats, deadlifts in much detail.

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