Low waist, tight pants and their health hazards!!

Health Hazards of Low Waist and Tight Pants

Low waist, tight pants are in fashion and they look good and trendy, but everything comes with a price. Price here is not money, it’s your health. Without being aware of the harmful effects of wearing low waist,tight pants on your body and health, we tend to follow the trend blindly. These type of  pants can be the main reason behind hip pain, low back pain, knee pain and even hernia.

Low back and knee pain

Our body needs certain amount of contribution from different joints to perform activities. For example, to bend down and pick up something, the hip joint should have enough mobility to reduce stress on knee and low back. The right way to bend down is to bend more at hip while keeping the spine neutral (straight) and knees behind toes. People often have to change the way they bend forward while wearing a low rise pant to avoid showing their butt line. In order to avoid slipping of pants while bending forward, people either tend to bend more at the knees or low back. Excessive bending at knees over and over again can lead to early wear and tear of the knee joint. Similarly increased bending at back can lead to low back problems.

To maintain a neutral spine while sitting, pelvis needs to be maintained in neutral position as well. Excessive anterior (forward) tilting or posterior (backward) tilting makes it difficult for the spine to maintain a neutral posture. Position of pelvis largely depends on hip joint mobility. When wearing a low rise or tight fit pants, the forces on the pelvis increases, thus making it tilt backwards. This posterior tilting of pelvis constrains the spine to maintain a neutral position and makes it curve backwards. When your spine is pushed into a backward curve position it increases pressure on the disc resulting in a bulge or prolapse.

Meralgia paraesthetica

In this condition there can be pain, numbness, hypersensitivity or pins and needles on the outer thigh because of nerve compression. The nerve affected is the lateral cutaneous nerve of thigh. It used to be seen in people with big belly wearing tight belts just above the groin area. Now, it can be seen in people wearing tight low waist jeans, as it just sits over the groin area.

Hernias and hydrocele

Because of reduced hip range and slouched posture, the abdominal muscle becomes lax and the support required from it is reduced. There is also no external support to the abdominal wall from the belt as it is worn too low. All these factors have increased chances of hernia and hydrocele.


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