Lunges – Let’s do it right

Common mistakes done while doing lunges:

  • Narrow base of support – The front foot should not be kept in line with the back foot. If the gap between the legs is narrow, it can alter the mechanics of the exercise and also affect the balance. They should be kept shoulder width apart to make the stance more stable to perform the exercise correctly.
  • Increased load on the back leg
  • Front Knee should not go over your toes – If your knee is going over your toe that means you are primarily loading your quadriceps muscle and not your gluteal muscles. This increases load on the knee joint and can cause muscle imbalance and injury.

  • Hip internal rotation – Front knee should be in line with the second toe of your front foot during the exercise. If the knee tends to move inwards, the outer thigh structures become overactive and kneecap mal-tracking can occur.




Incorrect Technique – 1) Knee going over the toes 2) bending at lower back                      Correct technique





Incorrect technique – 1) Hip Internal rotation 2) pelvic drop 3)narrow base of support
4) knee not in line with second toe


  • Pelvic drop – During the exercise pelvis should be maintained horizontal to the ground. There should not be a drop on the other side of the front leg. Emphasis should be placed on stable lumbo pelvic area.

  • Upper body leaning forward – Many people tend to lean forward during the exercise. This forces the front leg knee to crossover the toes and there are chances to get low back pain as well. Especially when people are carrying weights during this exercise it happens as compensation and can risk your lower back.  Upper body should be kept upright during the exercise to perform the exercise risk free.

Variation of lunges – there are different variation in lunges to prevent plateau in your training

Side lunges – Walking lunges – Jump lunges – Lunges with weights (dumbbell /barbell/back pack)

Always remember to listen to your body and progress gradually to prevent injuries.

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