Obesity product of Urban Lifestyle

Obesity product of Urban Lifestyle

The answer is ‘YES’. However, you may not realize it immediately but urban lifestyle is a threat to your health. The prevalence of obesity has increased remarkably the world over which includes India amongst the top three obese countries in the world. According to WHO’s world health report 2013, there are more than 300 million obese people in the world. There is higher number of over nourished population than undernourished population on earth.

Technology has provided us with many conveniences such as automobiles, escalators, washing machines to name a few. Result of which is that our need to exert physically has dropped down drastically. To top it up, we are surrounded by high energy tempting food which makes it more difficult to stay slim.

Obesity is not just an aesthetic issue but it also brings along whole range of medical conditions with it. A person with higher BMI >23kg-m2 (body mass index) will have higher chances of acquiring diseases than a person with lower BMI.

Obesity can lead to heart diseases, hypertension, stroke, fatty liver, osteoarthritis, varicose veins, obstructive sleep apnea, psychological issues (depression, low self-esteem), diabetes, hernia and many others.

So, do you want to wait, watch and get worse or act and eliminate obesity? There is a need to act early on obesity is to be able to avoid :

  • Greater number of health problems and complications that persist the longer you stay obese.
  • Difficulty in exercising the heavier you get.
  • Many of the above mentioned medical conditions can be reversed at least partially with lifestyle modification.
  • Lifestyle intervention like exercise and proper diet is easy to implement before onset of any complication.

If you suspect or you have been diagnosed with any health condition, it is advisable to get a health screening done before you indulge yourself in any kind of exercise. The exercise routine has to be tailor made to prevent any complications.

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