Piriformis Syndrome – Pain in the butt

Treatment options

Get a proper diagnosis done by a physiotherapist or a physician. It is important to rule out conditions with similar symptoms before planning out the treatment plan. Many lower back (lumbar), sacroiliac and hip conditions may have similar presentation.

  • Conservative treatment
  • Injection treatment (cortisone, BOTOX or local anesthetics)
  • Surgical intervention

Conservative Treatment

  • Deep tissue massage
  • Trigger point release
  • Piriformis stretch (fig 1)
  • Ball release on piriformis muscle (fig 2)
  • Neural mobilization for sciatic nerve – Click here
  • Heat therapy for tightness
  • Stretching of hip flexors and hip adductors  – Click here

  • Core and gluteal muscle strengthening
  • Gait correction
  • Sporting/running technique correction
  • Sitting posture correction – Read here
  • Avoiding prolonged sitting – breaks at regular interval and stretching routine
  • Heat therapy
  • Orthotics may be required in case of limb length discrepancy and over pronation

Fig 1 – Piriformis stretch


Fig 2 -Ball release

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