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Physical inactivity has become a major part of our lives because of work, technology and ways we commute. Without realizing the effects of inactivity on our body we continue ignoring it, just because there’s no one to suggest, explain and prescribe exercises to us.

Exercise plays a vital role in disease prevention and can be an important part in treatment paradigm. According to a recent study, the minimum duration of exercise to be done in a week is 2.5 hrs (150 minutes). Improving physical activity level in population with or without chronic disease decreases mortality.

Physical inactivity can lead to obesity, heart problems, metabolic disorder (diabetes), joint degeneration and many others and has become a major cause of death. If we look around and compare, these diseases are becoming more common and people are catching them at an early age these days as compared to our fathers and forefathers.

Now what are the leading causes of physical inactivity?

  • Long working hours?
  • Mode of transport cars/motorbike?
  • Laptops, mobile phones?
  • Television?
  • Household chores?

List can be endless. The fact is it’s all about your will to indulge into some kind of workout. Just Taking 150 minutes out in a week of 10080 minutes in total is not as difficult as people project it to be.

150 minutes of exercise per week = skipping 30 minutes of TV show for 6 days

However it’s not suggested that you start exercising all of a sudden without getting a pre-exercise participation check done.

In the upcoming articles we will discuss pre-participation testing, how exercises can help prevent diseases, precaution to be taken when exercising with respect to your existing medical conditions.


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