Running Shoe buying Guide

  • Know your foot type


Broadly the foot is categorized into High arch (supinated foot), neutral foot and flat feet (pronated feet). Supination (rolling out) and pronation (rolling in) are two important movements of the foot. If these two movements are happening in optimal degree in weight bearing conditions, chances of injury and altered mechanics of your lower body are less. Mostly pronation (rolling in) movement is considered wrong but optimal degree of pronation is required for shock absorption. If any movement starts happening excessively, chances of getting injuries around ankle, knee or hip joint are higher. A foot which is supinated (high arch) might pronate (roll in) when introduce to weight bearing situation, which is considered as a dynamic foot. So knowing your foot type is important.

For supinated foot (high arch), the right shoe is the cushioning shoe which promotes pronation to increase shock absorption. Motion controlled shoes and stability shoes are for pronated feet depending on the degree of pronation. For moderate pronation, it is stability shoe and for severe pronation, it is motion controlled shoe that is advised.

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