Shoulder exercise – Let’s do it right

 Dumbbell shoulder press

shoulder exercise

Dumbbell shoulder press

Dumbbell press is one of the pushing exercises to train those big shoulder muscles. It is a great functional exercise for upper body. However, it is one of the most common exercise to develop upper body issues if done incorrectly. To get that right technique and avoid injuries, it’s important to understand about shoulder’s axis of movement. There are two axis formed at shoulder joint. First one is body axis and second one is the scapular axis(refer pic 1). Majority of people do all their exercises in body axis, which leads to injuries. Poor posture is another reason for scapular axis to shift further forward and cause injuries.


Pic 1  – Red line – Body Axis                                Green line – Shoulder blade axis

The prime muscle we train with this exercise is deltoids. Other muscle involved is upper pectorals and triceps and rotator cuff muscle in stabilizing humeral head.

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