Shoulder Pain and Serratus Anterior


Push up plus exercise

Go in a push up position with your hands straight under your shoulders. While keeping your elbows straight, bring your shoulder blades close to each other lowering your thorax. From there push your upper back towards the ceiling as if you are separating your shoulder blades.


Push up plus

These exercises have many variations – beginners can do this on a wall or on all 4’s position.

Supine punches

Lay on your back (supine) with your arms straight up. Keeping your elbows straight, raise your hands as high as possible and lift your shoulder blades off the floor.


Supine punches

To progress the exercise you can also use some weights.

Serratus anterior stretch

Stretch is quite similar to a pectoral stretch. Stand with your arms and elbows at 90 degree and squeeze your shoulder blades close to each other. To increase the stretch at this position, lower your elbows as if you are trying to rotate your shoulder blades inward.

serratus stretch (527x640)

Serratus anterior stretch

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