Stretching – Your body needs it!!


Stretching has always been an important part of an exercise routine. However, it is also a greatly ignored part of an exercise/lifestyle routine. Reason can wary from it being boring, painful, unfitting, time consuming, worthless and many more. People can give you plenty of reasons to avoid stretching and jump straight to their preferred physical activity or sports. However, there are equal number of reasons or even more to spend quality time in stretching. Stretching is not only limited to an exercise routine or sports, it has an important role in day to day activities as well.



Our muscles have a tendency to get tighter overtime either from their regular use or from any muscle imbalances. When we train or play sports the dominant muscles tend to get stiffer and tighter from their use. Similarly bad postures will lead to tightness of the shortened and overactive muscles. In order to maintain a good muscle balance and flexibility, stretching plays an important part. Many people will argue that they do nothing except sitting at their work desk, why should they be stretching. These people are at a higher risk of not only contracting general health problems but muscle imbalance and musculoskeletal issues. Reduced movement tends to make the muscle tighter than using it.

Stretching helps in

  • Maintaining good flexibility in muscles
  • Reducing fatigue/soreness in muscles
  • Injury prevention
  • Maintaining good muscle imbalance
  • More power generation
  • Improving blood flow
  • Maintaining good posture
  • Improving joint range of motion
  • Relaxation

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