Lunges – Let’s do it right

 Lunges  – are you doing them right?

In the first part of the article series “Let’s do it right” we discussed the right way to perform exercises. Now this article will talk about – Lunges, one of the most common functional exercises done to build up thigh and butt muscles. Lunge is a great exercise to maintain or improve lower body strength. Apart from improving strength it also helps in improving balance and control.  It is also a very functional and specific exercise for many sports such as tennis and squash. Good thing about lunges is that you don’t need any fancy machines. However, if done in an inappropriate manner, it can lead to muscle imbalance and pain around the knee joint.



Muscles targeted

Many confuse this exercise to purely a quadriceps exercise. The primary muscles which are targeted by doing lunges are quadriceps muscles (front of thigh) and gluteal muscles (buttock muscles).  Second common confusion happens in identifying which leg is being trained front or back. Front leg is the driver however it is possible to feel a stretch on the thigh of the same. People compensate by loading their back leg more which is one of the many mistakes while doing lunges. Let’s see the common mistakes.

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