Standing Posture – Mistakes & Correction Tips

Standing Posture – Common Mistakes & Correction Techniques

In the previous article we discussed how we can correct sitting posture and minimize side effects of prolonged sitting. This article will focus on maintaining a neutral standing posture. Majority of people stand less compared to sitting. Regardless of that it’s important to practice it correctly. There are jobs which require standing for prolonged hours. Standing is better than sitting but doing it inappropriately can cause some health concerns.

From the previous two articles, we have almost understood the neutral positions of different joints and cues to correct them. This will make it easier to get into a correct standing posture.

Common Standing posture mistakes

  • Narrow stance
  • Excessive weight bearing on one foot
  • Hyperextended or locked knees
  • Bent knee specially seen in people wearing high heels
  • Anterior pelvic tilting (increase low back arch excessively) most commonly seen these days
  • Flat back – flattening of lower back
  • Shoulders dropping forward
  • Forward head – chin poking out
  • Looking down – eye gaze near feet

Incorrect foot and knee position


Incorrect pelvic position

Tips and sequencing of correcting posture