Difficulty targeting hamstring flexibility?

Incorrect pelvic positioning and increased bending at lower back than hip are other points of an incorrect technique. In Pic A it seems, the person is quite flexible and stretching the muscle intensively. This is the most common way of stretching this muscle that people follow. Wrong! Look at the position of his pelvis, foot and lower back. There will be more stretch in the adductor (inner thigh) muscle than hamstrings. Pic B shows the correction of foot pointing straight, pelvis square and no bending at lower back.


Pic A


Pic B

There are many variations to stretch the hamstrings, static stretches in standing, sitting or lying down position. There are dynamic stretches to prepare the muscle before any sporting event or gym training. Another type of stretch is a hold-relax stretch, which is useful in improving flexibility of a muscle similar to static stretches. In a hold-relax stretch, the muscle is contracted actively for a few seconds followed by a passive stretch. Sports massage, trigger ball and foam rolling are also other useful ways to improve muscle flexibility.

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