Tarsal tunnel Syndrome


Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome


Tarsal tunnel syndrome is a similar condition like carpal tunnel syndrome, where the symptoms are caused from compression of the nerve. The location of tarsal tunnel is inner side of the ankle and the nerve getting compressed is posterior tibial nerve. It is covered with a thick ligament known as flexor retinaculum and base is formed by ankle bones.

Symptoms usually start gradually and get worse overtime. Common symptoms are pain, numbness, tingling and burning sensation over inner side of ankle and sole of the foot. It might result in loss of sensation overtime. Symptoms are constant, i.e. present all the time and are aggravated with activity like walking and running.

People suffering from tarsal tunnel syndrome find it difficult to stand or walk for prolonged time. Movements like eversion (moving foot outwards) and dorsiflexion (moving foot upwards) gets limited as they provoke the symptoms. Same as carpal tunnel symptoms may become worse in the night.

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