Understanding Correct Posture Part – 1

posture-feetFoot is one such body part which is often ignored while targeting musculoskeletal issue. It is of high importance to correct foot positioning to ensure a correct position of the musculoskeletal system. Foot is the first joint which comes in contact with the ground either standing or walking.  Foot movements/positioning are the things to look for when correcting posture. Knee joints are largely affected by foot posture and hip strength.

Now the major player behind a good posture is the pelvis. Pelvis position decides your spinal alignment and whole lower limb positioning. Neutral pelvis is a key to good spinal health. Whereas our vertebral column (spine) is the one which has always been corrected and meant to be straight. To your surprise and clinically speaking the spine should never be straight. We have 3 curvatures in our spine – thorax curving backwards, lower back and neck curving forward. If there is any change in these curvatures such as increase or reduction in angle, it can lead to injury and spinal problems.

training-828741_640When we correct the shoulder we actually correct the shoulder blade position with regards to our rib cage.“Chest out shoulders back” sounds familiar? For a good posture, the shoulder blade should sit parallel to the rib cage. If we squeeze them back to pop our chest out we might alter the proper mechanics of our shoulder and end up injuring it. Last but not the least is your head position. It has become a common scene to see people with their chin out like a chicken. That’s a result of poor shoulder position which makes it difficult to keep the neck in neutral position.

Now we understand the difference between being straight and being neutral. In the next article we will go in the detail of standing and sitting posture, the neutral joint position, cue to correct them and simple exercises to help train the right muscles.

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